A Child's Campus

​Kindergarten-7th Grade

Our Primary school provides our students with a solid academic base or foundation to prepare them for continuation and admission 
to competitive High Schools. Many students who have completed our program have been admitted to the following competitive schools: Woodward Academy; Pace Academy; Atlanta Girls School; Greater Atlanta Christian School: Holy Innocents Episcopal School; St. Thomas 
More; Eagles Landing Christian Academy and the Children's School.

 - We accept students with the ARETE Scholarship.


For over sixty years, the Cambridge Academy curriculum has proven to be a tremendous benefit to its graduates. Students master skills, build a thorough knowledge base, develop critical thinking and problem solving acumen, learn to interact fairly with peers and teachers, and internalize positive habits.

While committed to the basic curricular philosophy, Cambridge Academy does incorporate new ideas that enhance the core curriculum goals. Careful evaluation of new techniques sometimes leads to change. At other times evaluation is the catalyst for increased commitment to the present course of instruction. Cambridge Academy is dedicated to meeting the educational needs and aspirations of every student, using the following educational principles as our parameters:

  • Phonics reading program from preschool to the primary grades.
  • Emphasis on the basic skills of reading fluency, writing, grammar, spelling, oral communication and computation.
  • Moral/character education that is integrated into all classes.
  • A curriculum that emphasizes sequential learning and mastery of critical skills.
  • A strong covenant with the student, parent and school.
  • Frequent assessment of student progress in order to address their individual performance.
  • Intervention and assistance for any student who is not achieving at grade level in a particular subject area.

​2 years - 5 years

Preschool is the building block for the social, emotional and academic foundation of children. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that equips and prepares children for pre-school mastery.  We are invested in the success of our students and have a proven track record with a 3 star quality rating in Childhood Education from the Georgia Department of Early Learning. We are known as one of the best kept secrets in Georgia for academics, social and cognitive learning.   We area family focused environment and treat your like children like our children.